Why Papillon Chemocare?

Why Us

1. Experts in Hair Care Since 1988 (Since 1988)

Papillon has been a leading brand in the field of hair care since 1988. Founded by Dr. Vinay Koparkar, a renowned dermatologist, it was then the only men’s salon backed by a doctor’s scientific expertise. Today, Papillon offers a variety of services in the hair and beauty industry through its numerous outlets and is coming up with innovative concepts backed by our experience in the field of hair care.

You can read about the history of Papillon in our About section here.

2. For Style with Science From Experts (Style with Science)

Our founder Dr. Vinay Koparkar revolutionised the hair care industry when he entered it as a dermatologist. With his scientific knowledge, he also brought expertise in styling with training and qualifications in advanced hair styling, wig fixing and hair replacement services from leading international institutes like Morris Master Class (London) and Tony & Guy (Singapore). Papillon Chemocare also has the hair styling expertise of Kavita Koparkar, a Hollywood-trained stylist famous for her Kavita Koparkar Studio. This medical knowledge and hair styling expertise offer the perfect blend of scientific care and aesthetic expertise needed for a venture such as Papillon Chemocare!

Read more about the people behind this venture from our blog.

3. Trusted Old Brand To The Comfort of Your Home (Trusted Brand/ Trust at Home)

Papillon Chemocare brings to India for the first time standardised quality pre-styled wigs in the online space. Our wigs can be ordered online through an easy 4-step guided process so you can buy and get your wig from the comfort of your home. We understand the difficult journey of a cancer patient and we hope to reduce your hassles by bringing our expertise and wigs to you at your doorstep. With the wig, you will also receive a kit with a CD on how to wear, style and take care of your wig. We also have video tutorials so you can learn how to select, use and take care of your wig. And if you still aren’t sure, we have a 15 day return policy on our wigs.

4. Wigs for Your Natural Indian Look (Natural Indian Look)

We are aware of your anxiety about wearing a wig. It may look unnatural or you may not find one that suits your Indian look and the hairstyles you are used to. Today, if you want to buy a wig, the options available to you are poor quality products from local parlours or international websites where the quality is good but the focus is on international looks and styles which you can’t relate to. Papillon Chemocare brings for you quality wigs that have been customised with our international and Hollywood-trained expertise in Indian hair and styles which are specifically designed for your natural look. Read the 7 Things That Set Papillon Chemocare Wigs Apart to know more about this.

5. We Care For All Your Cancer Needs (Cancer Care Information)

We at Papillon Chemocare understand the needs of a cancer patient and the journey ahead of you. We believe in bringing you the right information and help through our network of doctors and experts hoping that we can help make your journey become a little easier. You can access our informative articles and videos from our community of doctors and clients on the Papillon Chemocare blog or in our videos section.

6. You Can Always Find Us (Always Available)

Not sure of what kind of wig you need? Or how to put your wig and take care of it? Don’t worry, our expertise is always there for you. You can access all the information you need about buying and using wigs at any time through the video tutorials on our website. We also have a helpline number +917588151312 that operates from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m from Mondays to Saturdays. For those who prefer a personal touch, you can come visit us at our store at Showroom no.1, Alliance Prima, Navipeth, Pune 411030 where our experts can help you make the best choice based on your needs and help you understand all that you need to know about using and caring for your wig.