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Classic Blunt - Synthetic RP

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A classic short Blunt hair cut - This haircut goes way back in time and suits all age groups and all face shapes. The fixed right side parting ensures consistency in the look every time you style it.
Blunt haircut essentially means all hair is cut in the same length across the peremeter. Our classic blunt syntethic wig is cut in a way that all the hair will fall around the level of your chin (excact length varries person to person, based on different
Material :Synthetic Fibre
Features :Fixed Parting
Length :Short (Right Parting)

Frequently asked Questions


You can expect to start losing your hair after 15 days from your first chemotherapy cycle. This may vary from patient to patient depending on the exact drugs and dosage. It might be a good idea to ask your oncologist to get a clear idea. We urge you to go through our Blogs section to know more about managing your hair loss during chemotherapy.

Yes. All the patients who suffer from hair loss during chemotherapy will experience regrowth of hair once the treatment stops. You can expect your hair to start growing after 3 to 4 weeks of your last chemo cycle. However this growth is extremely slow (around 0.5 inches a month). So you can expect to get around shoulder length hair almost 8 to 10 months after your last chemotherapy session. Go though our Blogs section to read in detail about what to expect about hair loss during chemotherapy.

No, not all the patients. Usually hair loss is a major side effect of one of the treatments in cancer – ‘the chemotherapy treatment’. Even within this treatment, there are a few drugs and dosages in which hair loss will NOT be a side effect of the treatment. We urge you to confirm with your oncologist about the expected side effects of your treatment. We have a lot of content on our blog which talks about the things to keep in mind during chemotherapy.

Do not worry! Almost all the patients or their relatives have pretty much been in this situation at some or the other point of time. You can start by going through our blogs and the videos section. Once you are sure about buying a wig, just start by clicking on ‘SHOP NOW’ and you will go through our expert guided 4 step buying process. Feel free to call us if you still have any specific questions during the buying process, but it is surely a good idea to browse through the website before calling us.

Of course you can! It is extremely easy to buy a wig from our website even for someone who doesn’t know anything about wigs. If you are buying a wig for your relative, you will only need the head size measurements from them at the last step of our buying process. In case you have reached the last step already and do not know the head size – add the product to the wish list and then confirm the head size from the client at a later stage before ordering the wig.

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