Frequently asked Questions


You can expect to start losing your hair after 15 days from your first chemotherapy cycle. This may vary from patient to patient depending on the exact drugs and dosage. It might be a good idea to ask your oncologist to get a clear idea. We urge you to go through our Blogs section to know more about managing your hair loss during chemotherapy.

Yes. All the patients who suffer from hair loss during chemotherapy will experience regrowth of hair once the treatment stops. You can expect your hair to start growing after 3 to 4 weeks of your last chemo cycle. However this growth is extremely slow (around 0.5 inches a month). So you can expect to get around shoulder length hair almost 8 to 10 months after your last chemotherapy session. Go though our Blogs section to read in detail about what to expect about hair loss during chemotherapy.

No, not all the patients. Usually hair loss is a major side effect of one of the treatments in cancer – ‘the chemotherapy treatment’. Even within this treatment, there are a few drugs and dosages in which hair loss will NOT be a side effect of the treatment. We urge you to confirm with your oncologist about the expected side effects of your treatment. We have a lot of content on our blog which talks about the things to keep in mind during chemotherapy.

Do not worry! Almost all the patients or their relatives have pretty much been in this situation at some or the other point of time. You can start by going through our blogs and the videos section. Once you are sure about buying a wig, just start by clicking on ‘SHOP NOW’ and you will go through our expert guided 4 step buying process. Feel free to call us if you still have any specific questions during the buying process, but it is surely a good idea to browse through the website before calling us.

Of course you can! It is extremely easy to buy a wig from our website even for someone who doesn’t know anything about wigs. If you are buying a wig for your relative, you will only need the head size measurements from them at the last step of our buying process. In case you have reached the last step already and do not know the head size – add the product to the wish list and then confirm the head size from the client at a later stage before ordering the wig.

Yes. Although our wigs are specially designed to suit the needs of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, they are perfectly fine for patients suffering from other hair loss conditions such as alopecia as well.

This is one of the most common questions that our patients ask us. We understand that your main objective of wearing a wig is to hide your hair loss condition from as many people as possible. Yes, your wig will look completely natural. However our main objective is to make it look natural to a third person who has not seen you till now or who will be seeing you after a while. People who are very close to you or who have seen you day in day out will not find the wig to be unnatural, but they will surely find a difference in your appearance. So we strongly urge you to be mentally prepared and expect a few questions around your changed look.

Often, we also look at celebrities these days who wear completely undetectable wigs which raises our expectations. However it is very important to understand the difference – celebrities get ample time and hair styling support before each of their shoots or each of their shots. However in your case, you have to try and minimize the level of efforts required to put on and style your wig on a day to day basis. So stick to a simple hair style and get confident in doing it every day.

Yes. We are extremely accommodative of any return or exchange of wigs. However there are a few things you should know about this. Please go through the exchange & returns policy document available on the website to know in detail about this. For any specific questions related to returns / exchange you can write to us at help@papillonwigs.com. Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Of course you can! We welcome anyone in and around Pune to visit our store in Pune before or after buying the wig online from papillonwigs.com. Although we have tried our best to include all the help elements in your comprehensive wig kit, feel free to call us or visit our store anytime. We strongly advise you to call us once before visiting our store, so that we can schedule your appointment accordingly.

Glad you asked. From our experience with thousands of Indian women clients and especially patients undergoing chemotherapy, we offer wigs in two standard size variations. All our wigs also have adjustable elastic bands at the back of the wig which make sure your wig stays in place. On purpose, we have designed our wigs with a 1 to 1.5 inches margin as we expect the patient to wear the wig - right from a complete hair loss stage to a stage where they have around shoulder length hair. In case you have already bought a wig and it is slipping off – it might be because you still have some hair underneath the wig or because you have not secured it tightly. We strongly advise you to read our blog and watch our video on how to secure your wig properly.

The life of the wigs totally depends on how you use them. The more careful you are the better the life of the wig. However to give a ballpark estimate about the life of our wigs – synthetic wigs will last good for 6 to 9 months and human hair wigs would last good for almost 18 months.

The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. This is the first choice that you have to make in our buying process. We strongly advise you to watch the video on this topic in the videos section or at the step 1 of our buying process. However if you are looking for a short answer – Human Hair wigs look and feel the best and are for someone who is looking purely for quality. However they need some efforts in terms of styling and maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are extremely easy to use and maintain as they retain their form. However they lack the versatility that human hair wigs offer in terms of styling and customization options.

Yes we can make any kind of customized wig for any specific needs. However it is important to understand the reason and situation in which you or the patient is going to wear the wig. Heavy amount of customizations – in terms of color or texture significantly drop the life of the wigs. Also, since the skin of the scalp of the patient during chemotherapy is extremely sensitive we cannot advise you to put on any kind of adhesives for wig fixing. That limits our choices and preferences in terms of customizations and styling of a wig. We strongly recommend you to choose one of the pre styled wigs from our website as these have been tried and worn happily by thousands of patients before.

Again, glad you asked! There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of wigs styles and wig types available in the market today. We have been in this industry for almost 30 years now and are hence aware of the pros & cons of almost each of those. When we decided to start the Papillon ChemoCare product line specifically for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy – we made sure that you only have to select from the most suitable options. Especially wigs with lace front constructions or full lace cap constructions need glue or tape adhesives while wearing the wig. Since the wearing pattern and skin sensitivity of a cancer patient is significantly different from someone who is just looking to wear a wig for a party – we have specifically kept wig types that will be easy to wear, easy to maintain and not harmful to your skin.

Your wig kit will include your selected wig, a specially designed wooden comb and 2 wig fixing clips (which you will require only if you have some hair remaining on your scalp OR when your hair starts to grow back). Earlier we also used to include a detailed DVD to guide you with wig wearing and styling tips BUT now we send all the detailed video tutorials on email or on whatsapp so that there are no compatibility issues. We have ensured that the wig kit and the detailed video tutorials have all the elements you need to be comfortable in your wig wearing journey.

After ordering, it usually it takes 7 working days for the wig to be delivered to your doorstep. We urge you to track the status of your wig online on our website. For detailed information on our shipping policy please have a look at the shipping policy document available on the website.

Most of our clients order their wigs immediately after their 1st chemotherapy session. Since you will start experiencing hair loss around 15 days after your 1st chemotherapy session, you will have the wig kit in your hand in advance. This will give you good time to watch through the tutorial videos and to be mentally ready for the wig wearing journey. If you have already lost your hair during chemotherapy, order the wig as soon as possible so that you do not have to carry the bald look for long.

Want to know more. Write to us help@papillonwigs.com