Real Story Sonia Motwani

Our hair is an important part of our self image. Shining, lustrous hair can be seen as a sign of health, grooming, age and can even impact our confidence without us knowing or acknowledging it. A diagnosis of cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy, brings with it the possibility of losing this important part of your self. Facing this fear and finding a way to maintain a positive body image is an extremely important part of the recovery process.

Gained Confidence with Papillon Wig

Mrs. Sonia Motwani, a resident of Dubai and a mother of two, talks about her journey through her diagnosis and chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with cancer and started her chemotherapy treatment with Dr. Koparkar. Though the doctor was very supportive and confident about her recovery, she still struggled with accepting her condition. To her, it felt like dying on a daily basis and looking at her children made the situation more difficult to accept. Finally she gathered her strength and decided that she could not live her life like this. She was aware of the fact that she would be losing her hair as she has seen her mother and sister go through the same. When Mrs. Sonia came to know of Papillon, she approached them and had a wig custom made for herself. In the initial days, she struggled with wearing the wig properly. It was causing her some discomfort. This was also because chemotherapy can make the scalp more sensitive. She then went through the tutorial video and learnt how to wear the wig properly. The first time she stepped out wearing the wig, it felt as though everyone had noticed her wig and were looking at her. But she then realised it was just her lack of confidence that was making her feel so. She decided to give herself time to get used to wearing the wig and started wearing it at home. Starting from an hour at a time, she slowly increased the duration till she had comfortably worn it the entire day. Even then, it took her a couple of days of covering her hair with a scarf, before she could step out confidently. Once she felt positive from within, she wore the wig and realised that no one could make out the difference. For her, this was a huge improvement from covering her head with only a scarf as it would would always remind her, and those close to her, that she was sick. It also made it obvious to others that there was something different about her and she was frequently questioned.

Family Support And Positivity Make a Difference

The wig has brought normalcy to her life and to the life of her family as well. She is now very positive and confident and leads normal day-to-day life. She is thankful to Papillon for all the support they have extended. She is also thankful to her husband and children for supporting her throughout and building her confidence. She feels that having the support of close family is an integral part of finding the will and confidence to live a normal life through cancer and its treatment.