importance of hair conditioner

Using a conditioner is important for the hair as it prevents the hair from breaking and tangling, and makes it soft and smooth. The conditioning agents smoothen the cuticles, each time the hair is conditioned, and leave the hair looking and feeling healthy. Whether bought from the market, or made at home, using a conditioner is a must.

However, it is not always easy to decide which conditioner is best for you. Is frequent use of conditioners good or harmful for the hair? To be able to reap the benefits of using one, it is important you pick up a conditioner that is right for your unique hair, and suits its texture.

What Is a Conditioner Used For?

Hair conditioners hydrate the hair follicles. It is important therefore to use a conditioner during the cold winter months, or if you live in a place where the air is very dry. In such cases, the hair tends to dry out, making it lifeless and dull. By using a conditioner every time, you shampoo your hair, it becomes devoid of the dry flakes from the scalp, and your hair will be left soft and nourished.

If you colour your hair, using a hair conditioner is important for you. A deep-conditioning hair mask will lock the colour, ensuring that it stays on longer with every wash, and also protect your hair cuticles.

How Safe Are Conditioners For Your Hair?

Conditioners are used for adding nutrients and giving an extra shine to your hair. However, not all conditioners are safe because they contain silicone. Excessive use of silicone strips the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. So, you should be careful about the conditioner you buy, as too much silicone can damage your hair as well. Look for shampoos which clearly state that they are "silicone-free." Those can be used frequently with an assurance that you hair will remain unharmed.   

Should You Use Conditioner On Your Scalp?

You should never use conditioner on your scalp or roots. Be careful to only apply shampoo there. The correct way of using conditioner is applying it preferably an inch away from the roots, from the main shaft, right down the length of the hair. However, shampooing every day can cause the hair to dry and get split ends in no time, so it is best to use a shampoo sparingly. But you should not skip conditioning your hair. In the absence of which your hair becomes more prone to breakage and becoming frizzy.

If you use a conditioner on your scalp, your hair can become greasy and limp after a wash. This is also precisely why you should not use conditioner on your scalp.

Some people are also of the opinion that conditioning your hair before using a shampoo helps in adding more volume to your hair. Apart from the traditional ones we use while showering, there are many after-shower hair conditioners, also known as ‘leave-in’ conditioners available in the market which you can apply while the hair is still damp and wet, and it leaves the hair looking soft and shiny after drying.

How To Choose The Right Conditioner?

Choosing the right conditioner might be a task, but the best buy would be one that is based on the texture of your hair. A volumising conditioner will work best for you if you have thin strands; and if you have thick or greasy hair, then get yourself a conditioner that contains less oil. Using the correct conditioner can positively change the quality of your hair.

Hence the importance of a hair conditioner cannot be understated. It smoothens, adds shine and volume to your locks, and at the time prevents breakage and split ends. In short, it does all that you need to maintain your mane and flaunt hair that is healthy and luscious. So, if you aren’t in the habit of conditioning your hair regularly already, it’s time to start!