make my hair into a wig

Chances are, you are reading this article if you or your loved one has breast or any other cancer, and chemotherapy related hair loss is a threat. Or, someone you love may have alopecia and you want to give a gift that really expresses the depth of your sentiments. Either way, congratulations on being proactive about your choice. Here are some answers to how to make a wig with real hair.

Harvesting your own hair to make a natural wig for yourself is a great idea in some circumstances. We will look at the conditions in which it is okay to process your hair into a wig for yourself or even a loved one. One must prepare ahead for chemotherapy by cutting the hair short and reading up on wigs and hair systems available.

However, expert wig makers Papillon suggest that chemotherapy patients should wait before cutting their hair off to create a human hair wig. There is a chance that some chemo patients may not lose all their hair – depending on the particular mix of chemo drugs used in the treatment. In this case, shaving off one’s hair in advance would not be advisable. Let us look at how to make a human hair wig.

How to Make a Wig With Real Hair - Requirements

The hair to be harvested must be healthy, and not have been processed too much. It should be free of broken ends and be healthy enough to withstand some stretching in the wig making process. Although hair that is dyed is okay, virgin hair will last longer than processed hair.

The length of the hair must be at least 10 inches, of which 3 inches would be lost when the hair is tied by hand into the wig. Ideally the weight of the donated hair must add up to at least 8 ounces.

Get a Custom Wig Done From Your Own Hair – Harvesting it

Whether the patient has decided to cut her hair ahead of the chemotherapy or a loved one is donating, do keep in mind the following when you get your haircut. You do not want all that hair to go to waste after shearing it off.

  1. Tie your hair into several small neat ponytails and cut the hair right above the hair band. This will ensure that the maximum length of hair is obtained and that it is cut straight.

  2. Sometimes, your own hair may not be enough to fashion a wig. In that case, ensure that all sources of the hair, whether from loved ones or donated hair, match your own hair as closely as possible.

  3. If you are not able to gather exact match for your hair, then call professional wig makers like Papillon who will do this for you. An exact match is necessary, else your wig will look like a random mix of textures and colours.

How to Make a Human Hair Wig – The Process

Turn the hair you collect over to a professional wig maker, who realises the significance of the asset they have received. The process that they follow will be as follows:

  1. The hair is manually sorted and inspected for healthy strands, and match of length and colour.

  2. The bundles of hair are combined into a large bundle.

  3. Virgin hair is then sewn into a membrane that becomes the base for your wig. Papillon ensures that this base is made from material that can breathe in order to allow air circulation to your scalp. The base is made with stretchable material to allow regrowth of new hair.

  4. The wig is fitted with the silicone top to resemble the salp, and a lace front that resembles a natural hairline.

  5. If the hair needs to be coloured or treated then this is done before sewing the hair into the base. Hair is dyed with the colour of choice.

Sources of Hair

If you wish to buy hair then the main sources are Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America. Being based in India, Papillon is able to access the best selection of hair for any length or curl.

You may opt for human hair or synthetic hair as per your budget, expectations of the wig, and the time you are willing to spend taking care of it. While synthetic wigs are cheaper and easier to wash and set, wigs made of human hair are definitely more natural looking. They are amenable to styling just like you would normally. If the hair that goes into the wig is your own hair, you have a very great emotional advantage with the knowledge that it did grow out of your scalp not so long ago.

Where Can I Get a Wig Made From my Hair in India

Papillon is a professional wig and hair replacement company that has been in the business since 1988. Backed by the remarkable skills that are honed over two decades, and the medical expertise of its founder Dr Vinay Koparkar, Paillon offers a range of wigs, hair systems and hair replacement solutions.

The wigs can be bought online from their store. You are guided at every step of the way by the Papillon experts, who spend time in understanding your requirement and customising the perfect wig made from your own hair.