wig styles

Beyonce does it. Amitabh Bacchan does it.

Robert Pattinson has too.

Rihanna loves it. Even Rekha swears by it.

We are talking about wigs of course. Wigs and wig styles are no longer taboo words that people dread. The old unnatural wigs that Akshay Khanna used to sport is a thing of the past.

Unless you are rummaging around in the local market, then you can find wigs that do not look like wigs at all. There is a range of wig products and styles to suit every budget and taste. Wig makers like Papillon Wigs offer very good quality of wigs, hair pieces and hair systems.

You may be thinking of wigs as a result of hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia, or simply to have some fun. Do remember to get a wig that is heat resistant, so that you can make it your own through styling tools.

Wig Hairstyles For All Kinds of Long Wigs, Short Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, Human Hair Wigs

Look no further – go get yourself a wig in consultation with the experts at Papillon Wigs and then get creative with the styles below:

  1. Part your straight wig hair into two sections. Take the top front portion of each section and braid it into a think French plait. Then, braid each section and secure with a rubber band each. Very chic, very French!

  2. Putting your head upside down, pull the entire hair into a pony on the very top crown of your head, such that it falls out wildly like a fountain of hair at the top. Take two thin sections of hair from this bunch of hair and tie it back around the rubber band so that it does not show and seems like it has been tied with the hair itself. The pulled back look contrasts nicely with the wild, fun pony. You can also spot a low pony tail with ease.

  3. Scoop up your hair into 3 or 4 large segments. Curve each segment inside such that the hair seems to fold inwards. Tuck the ends of the segment into the cap of the wig and secure with a clasp or hair pin. It looks like you have curved your hair into a fancy bob! Talk about using features of the wig to style it. Give yourself a short hair style just for the day.

  4. Bend down, scoop all your hair up into a giant top knot. Double it down with a rubber band. Then, wrap a pretty scarf from the back of your head up to the front top, and tie with a small bow. Pretty as a picture!

  5. Take a thick segment of hair way down from the right (or left) side. Start knotting it into a thick braid, and bring it over your head to the other side. Your braid essentially becomes a beautiful hair band that sets back the rest of the hair. Beautiful, regal and Grecian.

Tips While Styling Wigs

  1. Do make sure that the setting on the curling or straightening iron is low to medium.

  2. Tease a few strands of hair outside the lace front to make the hairline look more natural.

  3. You can colour in the parting in your wig with a foundation base that matches your forehead’s skin colour.

What are you waiting for? Thick beautiful wigs that match your hair can be yours for the asking. Style it, straighten it, curl it, braid it, fold it over, and wash it when you are done! Do remember to grab a good quality wig like the ones at Papillon so that it not only looks natural but you can heat it and style it as you please. Go give Rapunzel a run for her money!