list of famous cancer survivors

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” - Hellen Keller

These inspiring words hold true for those who have braved cancer and emerged victorious. We’ve heard of many who have struggled through the disease but have always been focussed on the light at the end of the tunnel. In this article, we are going to get an insight into 10 celebrity cancer survivors and how they fought it.

10 Celebrities Who Have Survived Cancer

1. Yuvraj Singh : Underwent Lung Cancer Treatment

Yuvraj was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer shortly after winning the 2011 World Cup and being named the ‘Player of the Tournament’. He underwent chemotherapy in the United States and also took Ayurvedic and acupuncture as alternative treatments. He had a very rare form of the disease, called extragonadal seminoma, and the 14-cm long tumour occupied the space between his two lungs. But instead of being bogged down, Yuvraj decided to fight and overcome cancer. He attributes his recovery to his mother’s unconditional support, his fans’ prayers and his love for cricket.

2. Lisa Ray : One of The Multiple Myeloma Famous Patients

Another Indian celebrity cancer survivor, Lisa Ray, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the year 2009. She completely shut herself out from the paparazzi and media and began treating herself immediately after diagnosis. She announced a year later that she had undergone stem-cell replacement and was completely cancer-free. Lisa is known to have had a very positive outlook at that time and always believed that she would survive. She resorted to alternative therapies and healing modalities to fight her grief. Post her cure, she made sincere efforts to spread awareness about cancer among people.

3. Manisha Koirala : One of the Most Talked About Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories

Manisha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 42 and was treated for the disease in New York. She went through difficult chemotherapy cycles and lost hair not only from her head but her eyebrows and lashes as well. She said that regular pilates, walking, meditation and keeping a positive attitude have all helped her survive cancer. She calls herself a “cancer crusader”.

4. Mumtaz : One of The Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

Yesteryear’s superstar, Mumtaz, gave up her career in acting at the age of 26 and devoted herself to her family. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 54. Mumtaz had to undergo many chemotherapy cycles and worked very hard to stay fit to come out of the disease. She lost all the extra weight she had gained by following a strict diet and regular exercise. She is very strong-willed, and had said, “I don’t give up easily. Even death will have to fight me.”  

5. Kylie Minogue : Breast Cancer Awareness Crusader

Kylie is an Australian singer, composer, actor and dancer and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She had to undergo partial mastectomy and several cycles of radiation and chemotherapy. But her will to survive was stronger than the disease and she is living today, after 12 years of her diagnosis. After her detection, she made it a point to spread awareness about early cancer detection through regular check-ups.

6. Lance Armstrong : Testicular Cancer Survivors Famous Personality

Ace cyclist, Lance Armstrong, fought testicular cancer that had spread into his lymph nodes, lungs, and brains. After two surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy, he finally emerged as a cancer survivor. He had the support of family and friends who always made him believe that he was not alone in his fight. After his cure, he founded the Livestrong Foundation to spread awareness about cancer and improve the lives of those affected by it. He is one of the most well-known celebrity cancer survivors today.

7. Anurag Basu : Celebrity Leukemia Survivors

Renowned film director, Anurag was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukaemia at the same time as when his wife was expecting their first child. Having only 50 per cent chance of survival and a doctor’s verdict of not living longer than two months, he fought with an indomitable spirit for three years and is today one of the most inspiring celebrity cancer survivors in India. His will to live until he saw his first born was, according to him, his greatest source of strength.

8. Hugh Jackman : A Famous Cancer Survivor

Hugh Jackman, Australian actor, producer and singer suffered from basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer which he has overcome six times over! After his recovery, he has tried his utmost to create awareness about skin cancer and urges people to use sunscreen lotions.

9.  Robert De Niro : A Famous Prostate Cancer Survivors

Robert De Niro was diagnosed with prostate cancer (Link to: ). But thanks to an early diagnosis because of regular health check-ups, he has been able to lead a healthy and happy life after overcoming the disease.

10. Barbara Mori : Underwent Breast Cancer Surgery

Another celebrity who has beaten cancer is Mexican actor Barbara Mori. She was detected with early stages of breast cancer which was cured after the malignant tumour was removed with surgery. She did not even have to undergo chemotherapy and is completely cancer-free. According to her, having a positive outlook and believing that cancer can be cured is what works like a miracle.